1. Guitar equipment:
    • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head. Two-channel tube guitar amplifier. Revision – G. 100 W.
    • Mesa Boogie 4FB. Guitar Cabinet 4х12. Speakers Celestion Vintage 30. 280 W.
    • Marshall JVM205H. Two-channel tube guitar amplifier. 50 W.
    • Marshall 1960AV-Е. Guitar Cabinet 4х12. Speakers Celestion Vintage 30. 280 W.
    • Peavey 5150 II. Three-channel tube guitar amplifier. 120 W.
    • pystelnuk 412M. Handmade Guitar Cabinet 4х12. Made of 20 mm plywood. Speakers – Celestion G12M Greenback. 100 W.
    • Orange TH30 Head. Two-channel tube guitar amplifier. 30 W.
    • Orange Signature #4 Jim Root PPC212. Guitar Cabinet 2х12. Speakers Orange Voice Of The World. 120 W.
    • Krank Revolution R1+. Two-channel tube guitar amplifier. 100 W.
    • Roland Cube 60D. Guitar combo 1х12 with effect processor. 60 W.
  2. Bass Guitar Equipment:
    • Ampeg SVT-3 Pro. Bass guitar amplifier with tube preamp (used in conjunction with cabinet Ampeg B-410HE and Ampeg SVT15E). 450 W.
    • Ampeg B-410HE. Bass Guitar Cabinet 4 x 10 + 1 x 3″ Voice Coil (installed speakers Celestion BL10-100X). 400 W.
    • Ampeg SVT15E. Bass Guitar Cabinet 1 х 15 + 1 x 2,5″ Voice Coil. 200 W.
    • Laney RB9. Bass guitar amplifier (used in conjunction with cabinet Ashdown MAG-210T). 300 W.
    • Ashdown MAG-210T. Bass Guitar Cabinet 2 x 10 + Tweeter (installed speakers Celestion BL10-200X). 450 W.
    • pystelnukArt Split-B2. Splitter for simultaneous operation of two bass stacks.
  3. Drums:
    • Drums Kit TAMA Starclassic Performer Bubinga/Birch.
    • Snares: TAMA Starphonic PMM146-STM 14″x6″, TAMA SC145 14″x5″ (signature series Stewart Copeland).
    • Drumheads: EVANS (EC2S Clear 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″; Genera HD Coated 14″ (on snare TAMA Starphonic); EQ3 22″); REMO Black X Coated 14″ (on snare TAMA SC145).
    • Cymbals (included in the cost of the rehearsal): Zildjian S Hi-Hat 14″, Zildjian A Splash 8″, Paiste PST5 (Rock Crash 18″, Medium Ride 20″), Paiste PST8 Medium Crash 18″ (has one cutout), Sabian XS20 China 18″, Sabian B8 (Rock Crash 17″ (cropped at 14″), Rock Crash 18″ (has cutouts), Rock Crash 18″ (cropped at 14″)), Sabian B8 Pro Chinese 16″ (cropped for a splash), Meinl Classics Custom (CC14MН-B Medium Hi-Hat 14″ (only the Bottom cymbal), CC14EMH-B Extreme Metal Hi-Hat 14″ (the Top cymbal has a crack), CC16EMC-B Extreme Metal Crash 16″ (has two symmetrical cutouts), CC16EMCH-B Extreme Metal China 16″ (has two symmetrical cutouts), CC18PС-B Powerful Crash 18″ (reduced in diameter, has cutouts), CC20MR-B Medium Ride 20″ (has one cutout)), Meinl MCS (Medium Hi-Hat 14″ (only the Bottom cymbal), Crash 16″ (reduced in diameter, has cutouts), pystelnukArt TC-144 Medium Trash Crash 14,4″.
    • Stands: Tama HC73BWN Roadpro series boom stand, Gibraltar 9609-BT boom stand, Yamaha CS745 (2 pieces boom stand), Мapex В700 boom stand.
    • Cowbell LP 206A Bongo Cowbell.
    • Cowbell holder TAMA LCB L-ROD.
    • Clamp with cymbal holder TAMA MCA53.
    • Multiclamp (rack adapter) TAMA MC62.
    • Cymbal stacker Tama CSA35N.
    • Mini cymbal stacker 6″ GIBRALTAR SC-MCSA6.
    • Hi-hat stands: Tama HH805, Yamaha HS740.
    • Stands for snares: Yamaha SS740ATAMA HS70WN Roadpro series.
    • Drum chair: Tama HT530, Yamaha DS750.
    • Bass drum pedals: TAMA Iron Cobra Power Glide HP900PSN (included in the cost of the rehearsal), TAMA Iron Cobra Power Glide HP900PWAB (the rental price is 10 UAH/hour in the form of double bass and in the format of single pedals).
    • Accessories: TAMA TW100 drum tuning device.
  4. Line:
    • Peavey PV 115. Two-way acoustic system. 400 W.
    • Park Audio VX-700. Power amplifier. 350 W/Channel.
    • Fender E-SPL T381. Two-way acoustic system. 600 W.
    • Park Audio CF500. Power amplifier. 250 W/Channel.
    • Phonic SEM712 plus. Two-way acoustic system (monitor line). 460 W.
    • Park Audio VX-500. Power amplifier (monitor line). 250 W/Channel.
    • Soundcraft Spirit M8. Mixing console.
    • Soundcraft Spirit Folio Rac Pac. Mixing console.
    • dbx 286s. Preamp, compressor, de-esser, enhancer, expander/gate.
    • dbx 266xl. Compressor, expander/gate.
    • dbx 166xl. Compressor, limiter, expander/gate.
    • Alesis MidiVerb4. Effects processor.
  5. Microphones:
    • Rehearsals: Shure SM58 SE, Sennheiser E 845-S, Shure 55SH Series II and other microphones as needed.
    • Sound Recording:
      • Rode NTK.
      • Shure SM57.
      • Sennheiser MD421 II.
      • Audix i5 (3 pieces).
      • AKG C1000S (2 pieces).
      • AKG D112.
      • Beyerdynamic OPUS 53.
      • Shure 545SH Unidyne III.
      • pystelnukArt U87 Ai.
      • pystelnukArt KMS 105 (2 pieces).
      • And other microphones as needed.
  6. Other:
    • Yamaha DGX-630 (included in the cost of the rehearsal). Synthesizer with weighted hammer-action keyboard Graded Hammer Standard with 88 keys.
    • Korg PB05 Pitchblack Pro. Rack tuner for guitar and bass tuning.
    • MEINL Mini Conga 8″. Mini conga mounted on a percussion stand TOCA TPBS.
    • Tascam US-16×08 (Not included in the cost of the rehearsal). Audio/MIDI interface.
    • Tascam US-1641 (Not included in the cost of the rehearsal). Audio/MIDI interface.

There are also cables, stands for: microphones, guitars, keyboards. Tuner, metronome, music stands, etc.

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