Terms of work with «pystelnukArt»

  • Rules for reserving rehearsal time and preparing for participation. Be sure to contact us in advance by calling (you can also contact us by Viber and Telegram), introduce yourself, give information about band – number of band members and guests, are there any keyboards/piezo guitars/ additional instruments, tell us how to connect and switch them. After agreeing on the rehearsal time, you need to get a confirmation of the reservation from us. Without confirmation from our side, the reserve is not valid.
  • Rules for canceling rehearsals. At our music studio, rehearsals are canceled in 2 days without any questions from our side. Less than 2 days – the following rule applies: if any other band has taken your place in the remaining time, then everything is fine, no questions. If it remains unoccupied (as a result, the room and equipment were idle), you pay for the missed (canceled) rehearsal in a full price. If don’t want to pay for a canceled or missed rehearsal, in the future we have to work with you, only by full prepayment.
    If you ordered a rehearsal on the same day or one day in advance and on the same day it was canceled – there will be no objections from our side.
  • Any liquids in an open container (water, beer and so on) are not welcome. Liquids must be in a tightly closed container, for example, with a screw cap. Also, any food is not welcome.
  • Drummers should leave the drum kit and stands assembled after the rehearsal – toms in their places, felts and holders on the stands, etc.
  • Musicians are required to inform the administrator about existing problems in the operation of the equipment, breakdowns, broken equipment, etc. as soon as it was discovered or happened.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to come to the rehearsal and stay on the territory of «pystelnukArt» in a state of obvious alcohol or drug intoxication. Use drugs, strong alcoholic beverages, and smoke indoors. You can smoke outside the room, in the corner at the entrance there is an urn with an ashtray.

We offer you cooperation only on these terms. If you are not satisfied with these terms and you are not ready to follow the proposed rules, then we are not ready to work with you and will refuse further cooperation.

Sincerely, Administration.

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